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Over the years I've had the privilege to write for, and be involved in projects at Chatelaine and Canadian Living magazine. Below are some of the articles.  

8 Crucial Tips For Baking Perfect Holiday Cookies

The Chatelaine Kitchen team shares its top baking secrets to ensure your holiday cookies turn out perfect every single time.

The Protein-Packed Swap For Greek Yogurt That Will Keep You Full Until Lunch

Cottage cheese is the perfect blank canvas for any delicious, satisfying and healthy meal or snack—especially this super-quick breakfast bowl.

The Only Apple Pie Recipe You'll Ever Need

We mastered the classic apple pie—and you can too.

10 Need-To-Know Tips For Making Perfect Crepes

The French classic is easily mastered when you have the right method and tools at hand. Here are the Chatelaine Kitchen's trade secrets.

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