I’m Emily Kichler, an Intuitive Eating Registered Dietitian. 

This means it’s my mission to help women find food freedom through the principles of Intuitive Eating. 


Back in the day, I was a slave to diet culture. Maybe you can relate? I kept food journals and calorie counts religiously, I’d drown in guilt when I couldn’t stick to my diet and inevitably I’d end up secretly binging on all the “bad” foods that were off-limits. I felt disgusted and ashamed of my body. Eventually I realized how much diet culture was controlling who I was showing up as in the world, and I decided I just couldn’t do it anymore. I was ready to let go of those deeply entrenched beliefs and try something new.


Over time, I transformed my relationship with food and my body. Eventually I stumbled on Intuitive Eating and I KNEW that this was the answer - now I live these principles every day! I’m free from the food rules, the shame and the anxiety. I give myself permission to eat any and all foods in a way that honours my body’s internal wisdom. I get so much pleasure from my love of food, of eating and of cooking. I move my body in a way that feels good as a form of self-care, not as punishment for what I ate. My worth isn’t defined by my body size or shape and I respect my body with self-love. If I was able to overcome my struggles with food, you can too. Today I help other women to reclaim their lives from diet culture and find food freedom through Intuitive Eating.

My first passion was for cooking, so in 2009 I graduated from the Stratford Chefs School. After a few years of cooking professionally, I realized I was looking for more.

So, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition, then a combination dietetic internship and Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition at Western University and I became a Registered Dietitian.

I worked in the magazine industry as associate food editor at Chatelaine, and freelance recipe developer at Canadian Living.

In 2019 I moved back to my small hometown, Simcoe, where I now live with my husband, Zebb and two cats, Louie and Rupert.